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Indonesian tour: Manganti Beach at Kebumen City

One more interesting to visit the beach, a beach that has a stunning beauty. Start of a challenging journey to the scene, from the street up and down and twisty with cliffs either side of the gaping. But when it has to travel dipuncak atmosphere buddies will see the stunning beauty. See the wide beach and ocean from the cliff, the view is amazing by the author himself. Once you are satisfied to see the view from the top, then buddies atmosphere down to the beach. On the sand of this beach white sand mixed with shells and surf-swept reefs. So at this beach buddies atmosphere is not forbidden to swim but rather not be reminded to swim, because a lot of rocks and reefs that can-can on the atmosphere buddies. Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches, the atmosphere is also my friend can go where no less amazing, kesebuah lighthouse that stands on the hill with all the beauty around him, the cool air coupled with breathtaking scenery incredible. For the author, this beach is a natural beach that is rarely encountered, and make a miss for a visit.

The beach is Manganti Beach, a coastal city located in the village rather Manganti Kebumen. The beach is a short distance away from the beach or beach Suwuk father because it is still a journey. Atmosphere for buddies who like to travel to the beach, it's not complete if you have not been to the beach this Manganti.

**If there are any questions or you would like to visit Manganti Beach but confused way and vehicles. Please contact me to email: permana.yogi88 @ gmail.com
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