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Indonesian Tour: Logending Beach

Indonesian Tour: Logending Beach - Does buddies had a holiday at the beach?? I think buddies all been to the beach, as a tourist attraction that is very attractive for tourists both domestic and foreign tourists. In Indonesia is actually dominated by the sea, the beautiful beaches there are many winsome various parts of Indonesia. Is the famous Kuta Beach in Bali, which is a tourist destination for foreign tourists. In this blog I will introduce one of the beaches are no less interesting, there are beaches in the city of my birth. The beach is a beach Logending. On the beach you can enjoy panoramic Logending limestone hill jutting into the sea. Waves that slammed into the wall causing the white foam of the hill just as a pearl-white. And sometimes seen fishing boats sometimes arise and drown in the sea.

Logending beach is also often called the Ayah Beach. Yes, this is because the Logending beach is located in Ayah Subdistrict. There buddies can see the estuary where the river meets the sea. For buddies who like fishing, supposedly said in the estuary is home to many fish.

Logending beach or Ayah beach location was not too difficult because of the majors with Jatijajar Goa,

In addition buddies can enjoy panoramic sea and hill, buddies can also buy fresh fish to the boat across the estuary using the supplied.
Anyway will not regret a vacation on the beach Logending, many things that buddies will enjoy here.

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