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Indonesian Tour: Suwuk Beach at Kebumen City

Attractions that this one was very populist, in addition to cheap also very suitable for family tourism and for young couples who are in love. For once I want to again raise the birth of tourism in the city of my own that Kebumen Faithful City. Small town but has a beauty of the south coast. One of them is Suwuk Beach, this beach is actually used as a tourist attraction that it was not long manage. Only about 2-4 years. Suwuk beach is located on the southern Kebumen which is approximately 20 miles from the City Kebumen. This beach offers not only beauty of the sea, but also the river. So, is there Suwuk Coast rivers meet the sea or an estuary, where the meeting place of river water with sea water, there are lots of fish. So that the beach is a lot of people Suwuk fishing. Sand on this beach as the sand iron, dark color.
In addition to the charming beach and river, on the beach suwuk also created a sort of mini zoo. Here the animals are doves, kangaroos, deer, etc..
Day of the week, although still a bit quiet, but here was offering coolness and to alamian (natural) a gift of the Almighty. Access to the beach is also very easy, the roads were paved. Very impressive, a pristine beach and surrounded by beautiful cliffs.
very suitable for buddies who like to atmosferku Photographic, on this beach viewnya gorgeous.
Please when it comes to taking the Kebumen to visit.

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